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Biodiversity is the living fabric of the planet. 
In the densely populated and highly urbanized city of Paris, the presence of nature enhances the quality of life and the health of its residents.
Therefore, preserving biodiversity in Paris is a major concern and will be even more so in the future.

The city is committed to this cause by creating biodiversity spaces, developing an action plan for nesting birds in Paris, and implementing green streets in all districts.

How can you participate?

Respect natural spaces: in parks, gardens, and natural areas in Paris, stay on designated paths, avoid picking plants, refrain from feeding wildlife, and avoid disturbing their habitats.

Manage waste responsibly: remember to dispose of your waste in appropriate bins and recycle whenever possible.

Here are some biodiversity-related activities to explore Paris and the Île-de-France region:


Forests near Paris

Green walks —

The Fontainebleau region: This forested massif provides a peaceful haven for various outdoor activities such as climbing, hiking, mountain biking, and dog sledding. 
Don't miss the opportunity to visit the Fontainebleau Castle, a former royal and imperial residence. 
Transilien: from Paris Gare de Lyon, line R


The natural domain of Saint-Germain-en-Laye: The castle where Louis XIV was born now houses the National Archaeology Museum and is surrounded by a natural domain of nearly 3,500 hectares, perfect for long family walks. It offers a breath of fresh air away from the city's hustle and bustle.
RER: line A (station Saint Germain en Laye)


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