Our commitments



— For the planet —

At Hotel Le Pradey, we are resolutely committed to ensuring a more sustainable future for our planet while preserving the comfort of our valued guests. Our commitment to sustainability is demonstrated through a series of concrete measures aimed at reducing our environmental footprint while maintaining the quality of your stay.

Hotel Le Pradey is proud to hold the European Ecolabel certification for its commitment to our planet. Our constant dedication to the environment guarantees a stay where comfort and respect for nature come together in perfect harmony.



Let's reduce our consumption —

We take significant steps to minimize our energy consumption. For example, we have defined an ideal temperature range for heating and cooling our facilities, between 19 and 24 degrees Celsius. This approach enables us to maintain a comfortable environment while reducing our carbon footprint.



Let's preserve it —

Water conservation is a priority at Hôtel Le Pradey. To contribute to this cause, we have implemented a "change linen on request only" policy. This means that we only replace sheets and towels when you express the need, thus reducing unnecessary water consumption.



Responsible waste management —

We strive to produce less waste and minimize our impact on the environment. For this reason, we have set up a waste recycling system that is implemented in every room. We encourage our guests and staff to take an active part in this ecological initiative.


Raising awareness

And sustainable purchasing —

Education and awareness-raising are essential to drive change. To this end, we work closely with our staff and partners to raise awareness of sustainability issues. We also actively promote more sustainable and responsible purchasing in our operations, supporting products and suppliers that share our vision of a sustainable future.

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